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Our greatest advantage relative to other IPS devices is that we do not issue false positives or provide thousands of distracting alerts throughout the day. Nor do we block legitimate requests or break web functionality.  We do one thing very well - we catch and stop hackers during their information discovery process - keeping your web applications secure.  NetGladiator is custom-configured for your environment, alerting you on meaningful attempts without false positive alerts.

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NetGladiator Executive WPThe NetGladiator IPS appliance both detects and prevents network intrusions on multiple levels of your infrastructure. NetGladiator IPS is a simple, elegant, turn-key appliance, and can be configured to block custom requests. Our cutting edge technology keeps your web applications and network secure from hackers, while ensuring bandwidth availability for your legitimate network users.
Our unique, heuristics-based IPS system uses deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to monitor incoming requests, looking for abnormalities in the traffic patterns, which represent potential intrusion attempts or unwanted content. We then both block the offending IP and notify your network administrators, who can analyze the attempt further, fixing any possible entry breach points in your network without dealing with an attack in progress. Read more about NetGladiator in our Executive White Paper.
How We Developed NetGladiator We leveraged our expertise in real-time optimization to make sure that we minimize additional latency on your network due to running an IPS solution. The toolset is built upon a parallel processing paradigm, enabling NetGladiator to swiftly detect and thwart potential hackers.
The NetGladiator automatically blocks hackers without manual intervention, freeing up your network administrators for more value-added tasks.
We also customize your configuration during set-up by having a white knight (ethical hacker) identify possible security holes in your web applications. The security holes are then used to configure the patterns you need to protect against with the NetGladiator IPS.
This targeted approach ensures that you are getting meaningful alerts instead of thousands of unnecessary alerts (possibly false positives).

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Since 2003, APconnections' mission has been to provide simple turn-key network optimization appliances to any network topology.  Our core offering to-date has been bandwidth control appliances to create faster networks; we now offer intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliances to create secure networks.  Based on our years of experience creating network solutions that are simple to set-up and use, the NetGladiator IPS continues our commitment, helping our customers achieve "Secure Networks, with Zero Maintenance, at the Best Prices".